6/15/2013: Day 87

We were “up and at ’em” this morning!  Game 2 started at 11am and let me tell you…today was HOT!  Now, I’m not complaining just simply stating the facts!  I don’t want it to ever be said that I was complaining about warm weather! 🙂  We all lathered on the sunscreen and pulled up our camper chairs…game on!

Andrew and I sporting our “proud parent” shirts…

Today’s game was closer and much more intense.  The Lady Indians pulled it off 3-0!  We were so proud!

We had a break between games so we grabbed some groceries from Ingles to make sandwiches and had a picnic in the van (had we have had more time we could’ve actually had a picnic at the park).  Game 3 started off neck and neck but we pulled ahead for a victory of 7-1!  Anna got several hits and scored a run…so proud!  And do you know what that meant???  They won the All Star Tournament!  We were thrilled!  Players were crying…moms were crying (I got a little teary eyed myself) and there was lots of screaming from everybody!

After the game, the team went to Papa’s Pizza and chowed down!  I ate some but mostly drank lots of water…I sweated A LOT today!

What happens next is still in the works but they will be playing towards the end of June in the state championship games.  We are so proud of our team!  They had an amazing season (only lost one game) and they’ve ended it with a bang!

We brought our girls back to the campground to relax in the pool (since swimming isn’t banned AFTER a game) and the pool was just closing when we got there.  🙁  So we loaded right up and drove to the beach park for a swim in the lake.

It was a nice, cool ending to VERY WARM and tiring day!

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