6/16/2013: Day 88

Happy Father’s Day!

My dad was always my hero growing up and now I’m married to a man that holds that same title with 3 precious little girls (and their momma).  I’m so thankful for them both.  I wish I could’ve spent the day with Dad…missing him.  But the good news is, him, my mom, and my sister and her family will be visiting next week (Lord willing)!  Can you believe it??? They are finally going to come see this wonderful place!  I can’t wait to see them all and give them squeezes and smooches!

Okay, back to today…Father’s Day!  We had an amazing church service today.  A video was played at the beginning for the dads and the child kept saying “I’m watching you.”  A father’s role is so important in their children’s lives and it’s true…they’re watching, not only their dad but their mom too.  It really made me think about what my girls see when they’re watching me (I pray my life will only draw them closer to Jesus).  The sweet Spirit was moving in that place…tears running down faces, hands lifted in the air, shouts of praise.  God really is so good (sometimes we all need to be reminded).  I need that rejuvenation on Sundays.  I look forward to it.  And the message that was sent today was so powerful.  God knows exactly what we need. 🙂  You can live stream the service today at www.ffwbchayesville.com (Emma is in the front of the choir in the red dress). 🙂

Us girls took Andrew to Chop House to eat after church…mmmm!  I ordered fish and chips and let me tell you…if you’ve never eaten a truffle fry before, you’re missing out!  Yum!

After that meal, I had a hard time staying awake on the way home (thankfully Andrew was driving).

The girls gathered up Andrew’s presents…

 a new iPhone case…


a lounger camping chair…

and a card and rock collection from Emma (she’s been collecting rocks for the past few days now).

With already full tummies, all the excitement pushed us over the edge…nap!

After our little siesta, we tidied up outside the camper (getting things ready for my family to visit IN 4 DAYS!!!! But who’s counting??), went for a short walk, and ate bologna sandwiches by the light of the moon (and rope lights).  🙂  You’ve gotta love camping!

And I had to post this picture of the biggest slug I’ve ever seen (we discovered him while moving around some furniture outside)….YUCK!  I think it’s a copperhead slug…look at the markings on that thing!  😉


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