6/20/2013: Day 92

I found myself back at the laundry room today…seems this is becoming a habit.  There is a man here in the campground and if he sees me anywhere except the laundry room he asks incredulously, “You’re not doing laundry???”   “Laundry lady”…this is not the name I purposed to make for myself, that’s for sure!  Though I am thankful it’s no worse. 🙂

I had to cut the clothes cleaning short for the morning and take the girls to Story Time at the library.  A theater duo from New Hampshire was there performing “The Secret Garden.”  We really enjoyed the performance and look forward to what’s in store next week!

I had to snatch a picture of Anna and Emma with the cast (Sarah was hiding beside me).


Now, I’m sitting here waiting for my sister, Hollie, and her family to pull in the campground…I am soooo excited to see my family!  It will be great to have them around for the next week.  I’ll be posting lots of pics!

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