6/21/2013: Day 93

They made it!  My sister, Hollie, and her family made it to Georgia late last night.  The girls tried to hold out but were exhausted and sound asleep by the time they pulled their camper into the campground (their NEW camper…what a surprise!).   Andrew and I stayed up pretty late helping them get set up and just hanging out.  It is so good to see them again!

After a night of not near enough sleep, I was up early getting Andrew off to work (poor thing…he still has to keep his nose to the grindstone while everyone else is vacationing).  🙁  At least it seems like vacation once he gets home.  🙂   The girls were laying in my bed this morning watching the door at my sister’s camper (they are in a site very close to ours).  As soon as that thing opened, they jumped out of bed yelling, grabbed on their shoes, and took off running across the road!  They were so happy to see them too.

We spent the day hanging out at my sister’s camper (it’s nice to be in a different camper for awhile!), took a trip to Walmart, and watched the kids ride bikes and play at the park.  They are really enjoying playing together again.  Occasional rain kept the kids from getting in the pool today, which was a big disappointment for them.  We also took them walking/riding around the park and spent some time by the lake.

Some of the cabins around the lake…

And you can’t go to the lake without having an encounter with the geese!

See if you can spot the turtle…


We were able to redeem the lost hours of fun (a little anyways) when we stoked up a fire (actually, we had to do a little more than stoke it…we fed it almost an entire box of paper before we could get it to “catch”).  And what better way to make use of a fire than to roast s’mores?!  We cheated a little tonight by using a “s’more grill.”  It saved some of the mess but since our fire was mostly smoke for the majority of the time, they tasted a little smoky.  We’ll try them again when we have a good, steady flame.

All the kids are sleeping in Hollie’s camper tonight (they have a cool bunk house) and it’s so strange to be in our camper without them.  This is actually the first night since we moved here in March that they’ve spent away from us.  Maybe they’ll sleep in a little later (fat chance).  I’ll just be happy if they sleep long enough for Andrew and I to get a good walk in.

Hopefully we’ll have more sunshine tomorrow and be able to enjoy a day at the pool too (we’re having swimming withdraws).

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