6/28/2013: Day 100

We’ve been here 100 days!!!!

I can’t believe it!  Is there a word for 100 days???  I couldn’t find one so I’m going to make one up and call it our “centinniday!”   🙂  I can’t believe how fast time has gone since moving here.  Am I still loving it?…yes!  Do I want to continue living in our RV full time?…for now!  Am I really missing having a “normal house?”…lately!  We’ve been driving around looking for houses for sale and even met with a realtor and toured several.  There’s one that we have talked about often but we’re just not sure if we’re ready to leave this lifestyle yet!  It’s so laid back and care free…it’s hard to give that up!  It’s something we’re praying about and we’ll just have to see how it all works out!  I do know that it will be tough living in these confined quarters in winter! 😉  But for now, we’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

And speaking of enjoying things…we are in the middle of Anna’s state softball tournament!  They played their first game last night against a power house team and lost 11-0.  🙁  It was tough for them because they haven’t lost a game since the beginning of the season back in March.  It was a great experience for them though.  They are still in the tournament as long as they don’t lose another game.  We’re praying they can hang in there and play their best.   They don’t play again until in the morning so we drove down this evening to stay with the team in a hotel.  The kids have been running from room to room and prank calling each other!  It’s been crazy and the adults are needing sleep!

We’re looking forward to the game in the morning!  I hope we’re not too sleep deprived!  I wanted to post pictures of the game until I realized there are no pictures of the actual game…what kind of mother am I??? But I did snag some shots of a beautiful Georgia sunset after a storm. 🙂  It was so much more beautiful in person!




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