7/10/2013: Day 112

“I’m feeling hot, hot, hot!”


Shew, law (as my friend, Spring, would say) it is hot in Mississippi!  We drove by a church this evening around 6:30 p.m. and the sign read 103 degrees!  It’s been hotter than a two dollar pistol here (now that’s hot, especially these days).  Even at the pool today it was hard to stay cooled off.  I was giving those wild kids PERMISSION to soak me with water squirters when I was sitting in the sun! 

Needless to say, showers don’t mean a whole lot here.  I took one before we left for the 2013 Dizzy Dean 10U Softball World Series Opening Ceremonies (had enough sense to forgo hairspray and makeup) and in about 2 minutes after getting out of the car, I needed another one.  Okay, I may be exaggerating a little…it may have been 1 minute.   Anyways, thankfully there were snow cones and an air conditioned tent was set up so we could go inside and get cooled off.  Our poor girls were in full uniform…can’t imagine how hot it was for them.  I know one thing, those Frog Togs the team received as gifts tonight will be a life saver tomorrow. 

Their first game is at 3pm.  We’re praying for a win!

Back to the ceremonies tonight…they were awesome! 

Pre-ceremony snapshots.

The emcee of the ceremonies…


The chaplain that prayed…and yes he prayed, “In Jesus name!”


Each team was introduced and paraded on stage carrying their team banner and in some cases, their state flag. 

Once the introductions were made, the fire department did a presentation and played “The Star Spangled Banner” on the trumpet. 


The night ended with a bang…literally.  A fireworks display exploded in the sky for the grand finale! 

After all that excitement, sweating out about a gallon of fluids, and losing 4 pounds of water weight (I’m being hopeful here) we were starving!  We ordered pizza and took it back to our room for a family “pow wow.”  It was great! 

Now everyone is snuggled up in bed (except me) sleeping soundly.  I’m soon to follow unless I get into another episode of “Alias.”  Why I never watched that show when it was on TV I’ll never know.

Have a wonderful night and stay cool!

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