7/11/2013: Day 113

We are celebrating a win tonight!!!

The Lady Indians took the field this afternoon around 3:30 in the sweltering heat.  We had a canopy set up for the families so the little ones were able to stay out of the sun.  Notice their blue and white ribbons…we also painted our nails blue.  We’re getting wild.  😉


They battled it out against a team from Murphy, NC.  The funny thing is, they are a “local” team from back home (home being in Georgia) and we never played them in our regular season games.  I found it so strange that we had to drive 8 hours away to Mississippi to play a team 30 minutes from us!  Weird.

Anyways, it was a tough go in the beginning.  Neither team had scored by the third inning.  Anna’s turn at bat she had a strike the first pitch and whacked it the second pitch into the outfield.  She hauled it to first.  The ball was thrown to first and the catcher missed it.  She took off to second and made it!  We were going nuts!  She had a few close calls of her trying to steal base but thank The Lord, she made it back to second every time.  Then one of the other girls hit the ball and Anna ran to third, the ball was thrown and missed and she flew into home!!!  The crowd went wild!  I got all teared up! I was so proud!  After that several other girls got on base…even had them loaded a couple times.  They ended up pulling out the win 6-1.

(I realize there aren’t very many pictures…the game was over before I realized I had been so caught up in the action that I forgot to get pictures of it. Oops!)

They play again tomorrow night at 8:30.  We’re so thankful they will be out of the midday heat!

When we got back to the hotel they all hit the pool for some much needed cooling off!  After baths and a team pizza party between rooms, a few of the girls played a little “can ball” in one of the rooms.  Do not try this at home.  It could’ve been very dangerous.

Things can get pretty rowdy with a bunch of girls running around.  We won’t even talk about the prank phone calls.  Thankfully, there’s no caller I.D.

Once again, everyone is asleep but me.  I’m getting ready to wrap up and catch a few zzzzz’s myself.  Tomorrow is going to be a rough day…shopping and a movie.  🙂  I’d better get some rest so I can be good and strong.  Goodnight.

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