7/17/2013: Day 119

A quiet house, rain pattering on the roof, and thunder rumbling in the distance…aw!  Oh, what a night!

We’ve enjoyed a couple beautiful, sunny days and have been able to relax pool side (it’s nice to get back in the groove).  But this evening, God has blessed us with a storm and it’s so peaceful.  Andrew took the girls to church with him while I stayed home and cared for Bitsy (she was spayed today and isn’t up to par).   Love her heart.


I’m taking full advantage of alone time tonight! I’m hoping to squeeze in a little TV time as well. 🙂

We visited one of my favorite places the other day (first time since we’ve been here)…

and there was something so comforting about being in there.   It reminded me so much of home (I’ve spent many hours in there over the past few years)…the smell, outdoor lawn and garden, the “sameness.”  It was so comforting but at the same time made me miss home a little.  Weird, huh? I thought so too!  It’s strange how smells can evoke certain feelings and memories.    And if you’ve never noticed, all Lowe’s stores smell the same.  Just one of those random facts everybody wants to know, right? 😉

That trip to Lowe’s scored me the newest addition to our camper life that has already proven a blessing in more ways than one…a smaller fold away table for indoors.  It has been so hard to cook with no counter space and this solution is perfect.  Not only is it a food prep area but can also be used for guests to eat at, a card playing table, and a place to spread out when doing homeschool!  “I love it when a plan comes together.”  We’ve already put it to the test.

Yes, that is a measuring cup over Sarah’s face.  The girls really like it because it’s “kid height.”   Great investment.

Last night was the last night of our “Wonder Struck” women’s Bible study.  I have enjoyed it so much and I’m already looking forward to the next one in the fall. This meeting was really special because after the study was over, we went to Michaelee’s Chocolate Cafe for dinner! It was delicious…especially that chocolate lava cake (it disappeared before I could even think to take a picture).


Good times.

And I’ll leave you with a picture I snagged of the sunset.  It was amazing.  It’s too bad cameras can’t capture the exact beauty.  Some things you just can’t duplicate. 🙂


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