7/30/2013: Day 131

Wow…I have really been a slacker in the blogging department!   I’ve been busy living life and haven’t taken time to write about it. 🙂  The past 13 days since my last post have been packed with everything from a late night visit to the laundry mat to a trip to the central time zone.  We have been one busy family!  But it’s been lots of fun.  I’ll hit the high notes and throw in a few pictures and hopefully get everybody caught up on all our “fuzz.”  Enjoy!

Late night trip to the laundry mat (have you ever done that with a tired husband and grumpy 3 year old???…not again).


Not sure why she is flashing the “number 1.”  🙂

Our town’s parade.  Anna’s team won first prize for their float!

The Georgia Mountain Fair…

Trip to the Clermont Mountain Fresh Creamery. Yum.

First time eating at Mellow Mushroom (made me think of Rachel and Levi). 🙂

Good times in the Sunshine State!

And last but not least… our pond excursion with another wonderful homeschool family.

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