8/8/2013: Day 140

It is with a joyful heart that I am writing this post.  I have wonderful news to share!

Monday night Anna accepted Jesus as her Savior!

Andrew and I are elated.  As Christian parents should, we have been praying for salvation for our children from the time they made their entrances into this world (actually, I’m pretty sure I started praying for that even before I birthed babies).  To be able to lead one of your own to The Lord Jesus was one of the most humbling, amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  I had always thought that salvation in the home wouldn’t be as powerful as it is in a church…boy, was I wrong!  It was wonderful because we were able to talk with her and explain things to her, pray personally with her, and rejoice with her.  It was a very intimate time between Jesus, Andrew and I, and her.  To see her so broken and emotional  because of her sins and need for a Savior was such a sweet thing.  The Holy Spirit settled on us that night in our bedroom in our little camper and brought such joy and peace to us.  I can’t even imagine the rejoicing that was going on in Heaven.  🙂  She also went outside and ran up and down the road by the camper (it was after 10pm) because she was so full of joy that she couldn’t be still.  She said she knew what the little boy at church meant when he said he’d been “Holy Ghosted.”  🙂

Some of the things she said that I would like to share:

“I’m so happy, I don’t know what to do with myself!”
“I want to tell the whole world!”
“I’ve never felt this good in my whole life!”
“I need you to encourage me.”

This last statement made me realize the enormity of responsibility that we now have as her parents to disciple her.  I’ve always known how important our job was to be examples of Christ and to teach and lead them.  But now that we have this young, new Christian in our home it somehow seems even more dire.  We covet the prayers of His people for wisdom and discernment and patience.  It is very sobering, for sure.

We still have two more precious souls in need of salvation.  We will continue our vigil until The Shepherd brings them into His fold as well.


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