8/18/2013: Day 150

Deep South meets North Georgia.

Our family from Florida arrived Friday evening after a rough trek over the Georgia mountains.  They’re tough on ME and I’m used to mountainous curves!  Thankfully, they were all feeling better after getting their “land legs” back (I’m telling you, those are some serious curves).

We had low country boil going on the fire when they pulled in.  We learned some very valuable lessons.  1) Never use my good stainless steel stock pot over an open fire.  2) Never cook on your new fire pit grill rack if the pot is really heavy.  3) It takes A LONG time for a large amount of water to boil over an outdoor fire.  4) Never use my good stainless steel stock pot over an open fire.  Worth repeating.


I never realized creosote would become a permanent fixture on my pot nor that our fire pit grill rack would be in the shape of a “U” when we were finished.


There’s no better teacher than experience, for sure.  The good news is the “boil” still turned out right!  Looks like we’ll be investing in a propane cooker very soon.  🙂

The kids really enjoyed riding bikes around camp and, of course, we had to break out the S’mores!  We’re back in business! Have I mentioned lately how much I still love camper life?

I know you’re thinking we’re crazy cramming 10 people in this camper for the weekend!  Well, we aren’t because we didn’t.  But it wasn’t from lack of trying.  🙂 The original plan was to pitch a tent (I love sleeping in a DRY tent) for myself and the kids and let everybody else sleep in the camper.  But, when it’s supposed to rain everyday and be VERY chilly for August we thought that wasn’t such a grand idea.  Mine and Andrew’s first camping adventure together was very unpleasant and I didn’t want to taint their view of the whole experience right off the bat.  We want them to enjoy it so they’ll want to buy a camper and come join us!  😉

We chose the most favorable route and rented a cabin.  Great choice.  It was beautiful, had lots of room, and the kids couldn’t have been happier with all those stairs (though rough for the parents).

We had a great weekend, no one’s sanity was in jeopardy (except maybe my brother’s-in-law…he had stair duty), and we might still be able to convince them they NEED a camper!  Yep…it was a success!

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