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   Sep 05

8/24/2013: Day 156

Corn Hole Palooza!

Okay, maybe not exactly but it could’ve been if it hadn’t started raining.

Anna and Cash watching the ladies whip up on the guys.  🙂


The rain moved us inside where homemade chocolate ice cream awaited (did I mention there was chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and walnuts?…Oh yeah!).

Walnuts in Syrup

Love these.

DSC_0880 DSC_0881





Even the ice cream couldn’t compare to the girls’ favorite part of the night…nail polish by Chelsey.

And look what was sitting on the table just staring at me all evening…can we say “torture?”  But, I didn’t let it escape me the next day at the church dinner.  Yum!  🙂


 A great evening with even greater friends.


Thanks so much, Lucas and Chelsey, for your hospitality.


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