9/21/2013: Day 184


The past half a year we have spent dateless (can’t believe we’ve been in Georgia that long).  It’s not like we had frequent dates when we lived in Virginia and had babysitters, because we didn’t (however, in hindsight, that was really dumb).  But since moving away from family, the dating scene has been nil…until tonight!

Our Sunday school teacher’s wife has been asking for several weeks now to let her keep the girls so we could go out on a date.  It took me awhile to warm up to the idea (I have trust issues).  When I realized it would be a LONG time before I was able to be alone with my husband again unless we got a babysitter,  I decided to take her up on her offer!  It still wasn’t easy, though.  Even when we dropped them off I wanted to go back and get them.  I’m thankful for my level headed husband!  He assured me they would be fine and even prayed with me for peace and God’s protection of them.  Yes, he’s an awesome man. 🙂

And then we were off!  Out by ourselves!  Alone!  Childless!  ON A DATE!  Did I mention we were alone???  😉  And then we “hit the town.”   We spent the evening in the town of Blue Ridge where all these unique little shops are lined up and down main street.  It’s one of those places where you could spend hours walking the streets and browsing the stores.  One of those shops was The Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company.

I never imagined a store solely stocked with olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  It was great!  We went around and sampled all different flavors and mixtures of both.  They even had pieces of bread to “sop” in your mixes (however, I am a little jealous because a friend of ours said he was given ice cream to eat with his).  🙂  A very neat place that I want to visit again.


Andrew sampling some flavors.


Live music in the courtyard!


Listening to the live entertainment while waiting for our table.


I realize a t-shirt and fleece isn’t normal “date night attire.”  However, we did match and that counts for something, right?  Remember, it’s been awhile since we’ve been on a date.  We’re out of practice!

The restaurant where we had a fabulous meal with no potty breaks, spills, or crying.



And I had to throw in a picture of this building…


Even though it was only for a few hours, we had a great evening.  Just eating a meal alone is a big deal (all of you with children completely understand).  And when we went to pick the girls up they didn’t want to leave.  🙂  And that made me feel even better!

So for all you parents with young children, get a babysitter and spend some time nurturing your relationship!  I once heard someone very wise say something along the lines of what makes a happy child is having happy parents.  And parents need to make time to care for their relationship.

Now that I’ve braved the “babysitting waters,” hopefully it won’t be another 6 months before we have another night out!

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