We. Have. Keys.

After a long and stressful wait, we finally closed on our house today!  It felt so good to have the keys in my hands.


It’s a little strange, though, to be buying another home.  Even though we’ve been here for over half a year now, things still seem temporary in some ways.  It’s almost as if we’re on a vacation.  However, I think the vacation will be coming to an abrupt end when the remodel starts!

Our girls have never moved into a new home before (this is mine and Andrew’s 7th time moving since we’ve been married) so they are super excited.  We all are, really.  Living in the camper has been awesome but I’m ready for a real home and a full sized kitchen.  I just hope I remember how to cook! 🙂

I’m posting pics of the house as it looks today because things will be changing soon and I want you to be able to appreciate the finished product.  So, here it is…

As you can see, we have our work cut our for us!  We’re up for the challenge (I hope).  Check back for the “final reveal.”  🙂


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