We now have two children on their way to Heaven!


Emma gave her heart to Jesus at the morning worship service today!


She has been talking to me about salvation for a LONG time.   I’ve been praying for God to call her to Him for a LONG time (okay, not that long because she’s only 6 but when you know God is preparing your child’s heart and you’re waiting for that day when He speaks to her, it seems like a long time).  🙂

This morning, during alter call at church, she leaned into me and was crying really hard.  I asked her what was wrong (I was hoping she was under conviction) and she said she felt like she needed to be saved!  I told Andrew and we took her hands and walked her down the aisle to the alter…sobbing all the while.  It was such a beautiful conversion experience.  She was so broken.  At six.  And also so elated knowing she belonged to Him.  At six.  Salvation is a miracle in itself.  She hasn’t known “major sin” or committed vile acts.  Yet, even as a child she still knew she was a sinner and needed Jesus to clean her up.

So, today, we are rejoicing that she has been called into the family of the Living God.  And today we are singing the words to a song that we love by the Rumfelt kids, “I don’t have to worry, cause Jesus saved my soul.  I don’t have to worry.  Hell won’t be my home.  I don’t have to worry where I’ll spend eternity, for I will be in Heaven with Jesus my King.  I don’t have to worry.”


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