First night in a strange bed…

After battening down the hatches (so to speak) during these past few windy, cold days we decided it was time to start sleeping in our house…finished or not!

I really wanted to wait until the work on the inside was completed.  Someone told me the other day that if you move in before it’s done, it won’t get finished.  But we ran out of propane in our camper (Andrew is against filling it up again) and it’s been VERY windy at night and cold.  A camper is not the ideal place for either of those weather patterns.  So, we decided tonight was the night.

I have to say, it felt natural to be in this house.   Maybe it’s because we’ve spent so much time here all hours of the day (and sometimes the night) working on it.  Or maybe it’s because this is where God has brought us and there’s such peace about it.  Either way, of all the different houses, dorm rooms, and campers (well, just one camper) I’ve lived in over the course of my life, none of them felt so natural to be in as this house tonight.  With that being said, I still couldn’t go to sleep until 4am!  I think it was the excitement of it all!  It wasn’t that I was tossing and turning…no, I was enjoying the peace and quiet in our new home, in our KING bed!  Praise the Lord, I’ve got a king sized bed again!  🙂

So, construction is still ongoing and hopefully will steadily continue until it’s completed.  I’m not posting “final reveal” pictures until it’s done but I do want to share a few “sneak peaks” at some of the improvements.

And I’m curious to see who knows what this is…


maybe all of you do and I’m the one that’s BEHIND the times…pun intended! 😉

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