Another Kitchen Remodel.

Yep, one wasn’t enough for us.  We like to overdo things.  Not really.  This is what happens when your hubby gets in the kitchen…infrequently.  🙂

He had a pot of oil on the stove and thought he turned the eye off.  Guess what?  :/

I heard screams (and no, it wasn’t Andrew) and ran into the kitchen to find fire licking up the cabinets and wall behind the stove.  Then it was me doing the screaming letting everyone know the house was on fire and for the kids to get out!  It was at this moment that I realized I’m not very good at thinking during times as these because all I could do was run back and forth.  Finally, Andrew took charge and told me to go to the camper and get the fire extinguisher.  Um, can I say how thankful I am that thing was still parked in our front yard???

I ran out the door, barefoot, got the extinguisher, and ran back to the house.  Mind you, I’m still screaming for the kids to get out of the house.  What I didn’t know is that they had been out of the house since the fire started (thanks to our wonderful and fast thinking daughter, Anna) and were standing in the yard watching their mother run around like a crazy woman!  I’m so glad SOMEONE in the house had a clear head.

And Andrew saved the day in just a few seconds after PASS (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep).  Thankfully, the damage was minimal and we were all safe.  Shaken up, but safe.







There are some very important things we learned from this experience:

1.  Always have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen.
2.  Be sure you and your family have a plan in case of fire and that you practice it.  Often.
3.  Back splashes are for more than catching splatters and decoration…they also serve as a fire shield for the wall behind your stove. Though I didn’t like the one that we had, I was ever so thankful for it when I realized what would’ve happened had it not been there.
4.  All that talk about how terrible the smoke is in a house fire…it’s absolutely true.  Our entire house was filled with smoke.  All but the area around the floor because that also is true.  Smoke rises.
5.  I repeat.   Always have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen.  🙂

Very valuable lessons learned.  I pray this is the last time we have an experience like this one.

Now, who’s gonna clean up this mess?

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