We’re in Florida…and that’s no April Foolin’!

We traveled to the Sunshine State a few days ago for some much needed family time and R&R.  And warm weather.  And the beach.  Did I mention it’s warmer here?

We always enjoy getting to hang with “the twin” and his wife and kiddos.  🙂  We do a lot of good eating, laughing, and playing.  And let me say it’s awesome to have two women in the kitchen cooking!  Much better than going it alone.

The highlight of the trip, for me, was when we visited the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola and watched The Blue Angels perform.  Wow!  If you want a good dose of patriotism make a visit to that!  And I apologize in advance for the pictures that follow.  My love for planes paired with my love of history makes a girl go a little nuts with the lens.  But, seriously, it’s a must see.


It really was that loud!

I could’ve spent all day in there but for some strange reason our kids weren’t super excited to hang around for long.  😉  It couldn’t have been that they wanted to go to the beach.  No, that wouldn’t have made any difference.  But, off to the beach we went.


And we always have a blast at the beach (I still say the museum was more fun).  These are some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.  And check out the dense mist clouding around the beach.  Very strange.  We could see it heading our way from down the shoreline.  When it reached us it had a cool, moist feel to it.  I’d never seen that sort of thing before. Seemed kind of “sci-fi”…you know, deadly fog kind of thing.  😉

Our last shebang was a venture to Black River.  Yep, there’s gators in them thar waters!  I seriously was constantly scanning the water for “logs” with eyes.  Yikes!  Thankfully, there were no sitings that day.

And now it’s back to Georgia.  Wait until you see what we do there!


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