It’s one of the most exciting things about Christmas…the decorating of the greens (a.k.a. putting up the Christmas tree)!  We look so forward to picking out “the perfect tree,” hauling it in, and letting it’s woodsy smell permeate the living room.  And all the while I’m thinking, “Did we bring home a different tree ’cause this one sure looked a lot smaller at the tree lot!…Seriously, is this wrong tree???”

Anyways, Andrew and Anna were bequeathed the honors of scouting out “The Tree”…that one tree that seemed to sing, “Hallelujah!” when you saw it.  And they found it.  We learned our lesson last year and decided to cut some off the height BEFORE bringing it into the house!  Andrew can get a little carried away with the chainsaw.


Yeah, I know, it’s a little scary.

Once the cutting was done we hauled it in…now I’m thinking, “Are we going to be able to sit on the couch and watch TV at the same time???” Huge.  Needless to say we had to do some furniture rearranging.


This picture does not do it justice. It’s big. Really big.

And a helpful little tidbit for my fellow “real tree-ers”…lemon essential oil takes pine resin off lickety split! Just drop a couple drops in your hand, rub together, and viola!  No more sticky!


Once the sap was removed and we solved the problem of not having enough lights for this massive hardwood, the rest of the decorating festivities went off without a hitch.


And all was well…UNTIL…  Remember the title to this post?  Well, Christmas isn’t complete without some kind of merry mishap, right???  Not really but it sounded good.  🙂

We had been joyfully relaxing in the glow of our Christmas monstrosity for two lovely days.  I was lying in bed while visions of sugar plums danced in my head (hehehe…I couldn’t resist)!  What I was really doing was laying there trying to figure up a good excuse so I could stay buried in my toasty den a little longer.  I had several good ones going when all of a sudden, a loud crash interrupted my excuses.  I had a sinking feeling I knew what had caused the quake.

When I rounded the corner to the living room, I saw our beautiful tree lying in a heap in the floor!


So, I did what most logical moms would do…went back to bed.  I mean, I had to have a little more time in bed to be able to handle that mess first thing in the morning!  The ironic thing is this gal was hanging out in the tree the night before.  I’m not placing blame here.  Just stating the facts. 😉


With a little help from the hubs we were able to get the tree upright again.  It’s a little disheveled but still intact with only a couple broken ornaments.



And how’s this for enginuity?

IMG_1492[1] I’ll bet it won’t fall again!  Leave it to Andrew to come up with a creative, inexpensive solution to life’s little problems.  And as for our little elf, Jingle Berry, let’s just say she’s on tree restriction for the rest of the season!


“Good night to all, and to all a good night!”


  1. Too bad the tree fell, but it sure did give us a good story to read. Love you all.


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