5 mph Living


Back to beginnings.  Back to basics.

For those of you that have been following our story since moving to Georgia, you know how much we love the simple life.  It’s in our blood. We can’t help ourselves. We’re addicts. Seriously.  We love small houses, slow living, purging, and less stress.  So, when we had the opportunity to get a campsite where it all started two years ago, we had to take it!

We hauled our camper back in Thursday to Riverbend Campground, where we lived for the first 11 days of our crazy adventure here.

IMG_2510[1]The place where we pulled in as greenhorn RVers.  Where we learned how to hook up the septic hose (very important).  How to break into our camper if we ever got locked out (it can happen…believe me).  How to maximize small spaces for a family of five.  Where the speed limit is so slow you can hardly tell you’re going anywhere.  Our first homeplace in the Peach State.

It felt so good to be back. It’s been a little nostalgic.  The girls and I sat down today and read the beginning of my blog.  Those first 11 days here.  We laughed a lot. I wanted to cry a little. Looking back at those pictures brought back so many wonderful memories. And my goodness, how these girls have grown! When we moved here Anna had just turned 9, Emma was almost 6, and Sarah was barely 3. A lot can change in 2 years!

We aren’t living full time in our camper this go around but after reading those earlier posts it sure made me miss it.  Sometimes I think we need to take the journey again.  It was too awesome not to repeat! 😉

Speaking of a lot changing, this campground has underwent major changes as well.  A completely new section has been added on which allowed us to be able to get our seasonal site.  I took a bike ride around and snapped some photos of our second home.

I’m just thankful it’s warm (actually very hot) here now instead of snow flying like it was in March 2013.

Some great friends from our church also camp here so it’s going to be a fun summer hanging out with them.  More posts to come. 🙂

Not everything has been slow living, though.  Things have actually gotten quite a bit faster outside camper life.  We decided to take the plunge and buy jet skis!  Older and used, mind you, but still a fun ride.  I never thought we’d ever own one. Of course, we never lived in a lake community either.  🙂  I mean, what good is it to live by a lake and not be able to enjoy the water?  It’s scandalous, that’s what it is (I can rationalize anything)!  Actually, I’ll blame it on some other wonderful friends of ours.  They invited us to go out riding with them one day on theirs and well, that’s all it took.  A few days later Andrew came home with two of them.  I can also rationalize that.  1) We would have to have that many for all 5 of us to ride at the same time.  2) It was a better deal to get two instead of one.  3) I can’t think of a third reason but the first two are good enough.  😉

We’ve spent the past 4 days on the water.  Can you say, “Sunburn?”  And yes, we used sunscreen but obviously we didn’t reapply like we were supposed to.  Sometimes you’re having so much fun you forget about things like skin cancer and stuff.  So, next time I’ll pack the sunscreen with us on the skis and hope we remember it’s on there.

We have had so much fun though.  And we have the pictures to prove it!

I’ve named myself “Granny on the Lake” because I’ve been very cautious while driving (my kids call it slow, boring, I want to ride with Daddy, let me get off and swim).  But, in my defense, I will say I was doing much better yesterday and actually got up around 35-40mph.  And I even did some very large, slow donuts and wave jumping.  Okay, the donuts might be classified by the untrained eye as turning, but there are some that could clearly see I was doing a donut.  And I know I heard a few squeals, whether they want to admit it or not.

After all that sun and fun, we were exhausted today and spent most of the day indoors recouping and letting our sunburns heal.  We are heading to Virginia tomorrow but hope to get back on the water next week.

Until then, don’t forget to slow down and enjoy life!


IMG_2503[1] P.S.  I told you it was slow. 😉




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