5 mph Living   Back to beginnings.  Back to basics. For those of you that have been following our story since moving to Georgia, you know how much we love […]


TIMBER!!!!!!!   It’s one of the most exciting things about Christmas…the decorating of the greens (a.k.a. putting up the Christmas tree)!  We look so forward to picking out “the perfect […]


Thanksgiving Miracle!   Okay, I knew the title would catch your eye.  You were totally expecting to read about a real life miracle, right?  Well, it’s not an untruth (is […]


Cookout…doTERRA style!   Ever heard of an “oilers BBQ?”  Well, we had one here in the mountains of North Georgia today.   doTERRA families made the trek from as far […]


We’re Back in the Saddle Again! Well, not the “saddle” exactly. But we are back to RVing again!  🙂  After much consideration and prayer, we decided we couldn’t stand NOT […]


We’re in Florida…and that’s no April Foolin’! We traveled to the Sunshine State a few days ago for some much needed family time and R&R.  And warm weather.  And the […]

We’ve survived our first year!   A year.  12 months.  52 weeks.  365 days. It doesn’t seem possible.  It  seems like just a few months ago that we loaded up […]


Another Kitchen Remodel. Yep, one wasn’t enough for us.  We like to overdo things.  Not really.  This is what happens when your hubby gets in the kitchen…infrequently.  🙂 He had […]