Today we visited our first church, Macedonia Baptist Church.  We were a little late (I guess we brought our bad habits with us) but enjoyed the service.  The people were […]

3/23/2013: Day 3

Today was much smoother (after a little “incident” with the Cheerios and milk at breakfast)!  The girls and I spent the majority of the day unpacking and organizing.  The kitchen […]

3/22/2013: Day 2

It can only get better, right??? Well, it has been…somewhat!  Andrew humbled himself  and asked our neighbor, Jay (a veteran RVer), to help him last night.  Our new found friend […]

3/21/2013: Day 1

    We arrive at River Bend Campground at 4:30pm. Sarah is crying because she is so thirsty and, of course, we have no water and there’s none at the […]