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   Jan 30


Gobble, Gobble from the Sunshine State…   We arrived in Florida during the very early morning hours on Thanksgiving day.  We were so excited to be spending Thanksgiving with our family in Florida!  This is my (and the girls) first Thanksgiving here.  My sister in law and I hit the kitchen early to prepare to […]

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   Dec 19


First night in a strange bed… After battening down the hatches (so to speak) during these past few windy, cold days we decided it was time to start sleeping in our house…finished or not! I really wanted to wait until the work on the inside was completed.  Someone told me the other day that if […]

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   Dec 09

10/27/2013: Day

Buried Alive!   Emma was taken down to (what we Christians call) the liquid grave today. Even though the weather was chilly (and the water) she wanted to be baptized in the lake. We were so proud of her! The day was made even more special because my parents were able to be there for […]

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   Dec 08


We now have two children on their way to Heaven!   Emma gave her heart to Jesus at the morning worship service today!   She has been talking to me about salvation for a LONG time.   I’ve been praying for God to call her to Him for a LONG time (okay, not that long because […]

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   Dec 07


We. Have. Keys. After a long and stressful wait, we finally closed on our house today!  It felt so good to have the keys in my hands. It’s a little strange, though, to be buying another home.  Even though we’ve been here for over half a year now, things still seem temporary in some ways.  […]

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   Oct 09

9/28/2013: Day 190

We conquered Brasstown Bald!!!   We’ve lived in the shadow of “The Bald” for the past 5 months.  We’ve looked upon it nearly every day from our campsite.  We have talked about going since we moved here.  And today, we finally marked it off our bucket list. Brasstown Bald is the highest natural point in […]

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   Sep 28

9/21/2013: Day 184

DATE NIGHT:  A LONG TIME COMING The past half a year we have spent dateless (can’t believe we’ve been in Georgia that long).  It’s not like we had frequent dates when we lived in Virginia and had babysitters, because we didn’t (however, in hindsight, that was really dumb).  But since moving away from family, the […]

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   Sep 22

9/11/2013: Day 174

Pool:  CLOSED! The day we’ve been dreading has finally arrived.  🙁 When I looked out the screen door and all the chairs were gone from around the pool, my heart sank.  I’m not ready to give up our basking in the sun.  There’s something about the closing of the pool that deems summer officially over.  […]

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   Sep 05

8/24/2013: Day 156

Corn Hole Palooza! Okay, maybe not exactly but it could’ve been if it hadn’t started raining. Anna and Cash watching the ladies whip up on the guys.  🙂 The rain moved us inside where homemade chocolate ice cream awaited (did I mention there was chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and walnuts?…Oh yeah!).   Even the ice cream […]

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   Sep 04

8/22/2013: Day 154

First Day of School!   What was I thinking???  I really thought I would wait until September to reconvene.  But, we’re doing things differently this year and the excitement of it all was just too much!  We had to go ahead and take the plunge.  I’ve come to realize, however, that a long break isn’t […]

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