8/18/2013:  Day 150

Deep South meets North Georgia. Our family from Florida arrived Friday evening after a rough trek over the Georgia mountains.  They’re tough on ME and I’m used to mountainous curves!  […]

8/14/2013:  Day 146

We’re back to being “peachy!” We made it back to the Peach State this evening after our whirlwind trip to Virginia and then a two day stop over in Gatlinburg.  […]

It is with a joyful heart that I am writing this post.  I have wonderful news to share! Monday night Anna accepted Jesus as her Savior! Andrew and I are […]

We have officially broken over into the “way cool” realm of the camping world. Tonight Andrew rigged up his new projector to our computer (not technically new…was a Christmas present […]

8/1/2013:  Day 133

“SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!” I’ve been able to sing this song for only about 2 weeks now.  The sad thing is it’s already beginning to morph into “I gotta go […]

7/30/2013:  Day 131

Wow…I have really been a slacker in the blogging department!   I’ve been busy living life and haven’t taken time to write about it. 🙂  The past 13 days since my […]

7/17/2013:  Day 119

A quiet house, rain pattering on the roof, and thunder rumbling in the distance…aw!  Oh, what a night! We’ve enjoyed a couple beautiful, sunny days and have been able to […]

7/14/2013:  Day 116

There’s no place like the mountains. We made it back to Georgia this evening after a tiring trip across 4 states.  The change in temperature was phenomenal.  We left 100 […]

7/11/2013:  Day 113

We are celebrating a win tonight!!! The Lady Indians took the field this afternoon around 3:30 in the sweltering heat.  We had a canopy set up for the families so […]