It’s amazing how much work you can get done when swimming isn’t allowed! We worked in the camper today to get everything in order because we knew it could be […]

6/12/2013:  Day 84

I realized a little too late that I posted today’s blog and the next day’s backwards.  Oops!  It was going to be too much work to change them around so […]

6/13/2013:  Day 85

We’ve been banned from the pool. 🙁 Andrew said Anna shouldn’t swim today because she was supposed to have her first ALL STARS SOFTBALL GAME!!! We are so proud! 🙂  […]

6/10/2013:  Day 82

Aaahhhh…I love sleeping with the windows open!  It rained most of the night and when we woke up this morning that cool, damp air was blowing in and we could […]

I woke up early this morning to fix a good breakfast for my hubby.  He usually eats his favorite every morning before work (PB & honey toast) so on mornings […]

6/8/2013:  Day 80

This is insane, but I haven’t been to Walmart in about 2 weeks so we loaded up this morning to get our fix.  Taking 3 children in there by yourself […]

6/7/2013:  Day 79

Is there such a thing as “too much pool?”  If so, we are in danger!  I feel like a teenager again, going to the pool and hanging out every day…that […]

6/6/2013:  Day 78

We did it!!!   We reached 15 years today!  Andrew and I celebrated our crystal anniversary (had to google it to be sure…didn’t receive any crystal 😉 ).   He worked today […]

I’m on the verge of being a narcoleptic…seriously!  I can’t sit down for more than 5 minutes and I’m asleep and dreaming!  I took Anna to softball practice this evening […]

6/3/2013: Day 75

Today we spent the day doing the norm…tidying, school, cooking. We did take a trip to town and get the books they had on hold for us.  There was a […]